Emergency Kit for Rabbits


Emergency Kit for Rabbits

  • Can be fed to rabbits recovering from surgery, illness, trauma or poor nutrition
  • Aids digestion, helps with G.I. tract motility and improves energy and appetite
  • Appetite Restore is flavored with real banana and will replace lost electrolytes & B-vitamins
  • Every kit includes a 10ml feeding syringe
  • Grain and Soy Free
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Sherwood recommends feeding Recovery Food and Appetite Restore with their diet plan for best results

Feeding Directions:
Timothy Recovery Food for Rabbits: Mix 1 Tbsp of recovery food with 3 Tbsp of water (45ml) and feed as much as patient will willingly eat via a syringe or bowl multiple times of day and night.

Appetite Restore: Use 1 scoop (0.75g) and 3ml of warm water per point of body weight. Your rabbit may initially refuse but will still drink solution if encouraged with with a feeding syringe. Repeat dosage up to 5x a day.

In the morning and throughout the day, feed a full serving of Appetite Restore. Although this should restore your pets appetite within 1-3 hours, rabbits naturally eat most of their food at night.

In the evening, feed Recovery Food as much as the rabbit is willing to eat. Place a bowl of the remaining uneaten Recovery Food for the rabbit to eat (adding more may be beneficial). Sometimes rabbits who are scared of being syringe fed will eat the same recovery food from a bowl on their own. Discard uneaten recovery food in the morning. Also provide hay and pellets.

Additional directions can be found on the back of the bag.

Because signs of G.I. Stasis can be a symptom of other illnesses including intestinal blockage, Alice in Bunderland always recommends checking with your regular vet or going to an emergency clinic before force feeding your pet.

Small Kit Includes:
– 10ml Feeding Syringe
– Scoop
– 3 packets of Appetite Restore (10g each)
– 15 packets of Timothy Recovery Food for Rabbits (10g servings)

Large Kit Includes:
– 10ml Feeding Syringe
– Scoop
– 6 packets of Appetite Restore (10g each)
– 45 packets of Timothy Recovery Food for Rabbits (10g servings)

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