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Bunderland Began with Alice

In November 2012 we fell in love with our first house rabbit.

It happened at the end of a trip to the Oregon Humane Society, after we had walked around and met all of the other adoptable pets. She was standing on her hind legs, propped up against the front of her cage, as if to say “pick me, pick me”. Her info card said that she had just arrived and that “Alice is an active young rabbit looking for a home that will help her become the best bunny she can be!”. We had a lot to learn but knew we could be her forever home. We filled out the adoption application and went shopping for supplies.

After a decade of living with companion rabbits, we have learned a lot about what they need to live happy and healthy lives. We created Alice in Bunderland to carry on Alice and her husbun Henry’s legacy, to make it easier for parents of rabbits and other small pets provide the best care possible, and to help our furry friends have the best life they can.